Melissa Wilson (Willo)

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Meet Melissa Wilson (Willo)

Age:  26
From:  Kirkintilloch

How did you hear about the Sharks?

I met Ellie Hancock at Lenzie Rugby Club my first week living in Scotland in March 2022 (I had never played rugby before, I wanted to make friends) the first thing ellie said to me was “you look athletic do you want to play on my Aussie rules team” her an

Why were you looking for the Sharks ,or what were you looking for when you found out about us?

I was honestly just looking to meet new people in my new home, and play a bit of sport in between.

Why do you keep coming?

I keep coming down because of the people, I’ve never felt so welcomed before. Everyone was instantly inviting me out for brunch and out for drinks. I love running around and playing sport in any capacity but the sharks is so much more than that. Some of m

What would you say to someone unsure whether they should come along?

All it takes is one session! Come once and I guarantee you won’t regret it. It’s a fun way to beat the winter blues and meet likeminded people

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