Ellie Hancock - Captain

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Meet Ellie Hancock - Captain

Age:  28 (I know, I look 21)
From:  Kirkintilloch

How did you hear about the Sharks?

My husband played for the club, I came to watch him play and got to know some of the womens team and watched them play/train. They were super welcoming and said I should give it a go!

Why were you looking for the Sharks ,or what were you looking for when you found out about us?

Why was I looking? It looked like a great way to get fit! Everyone was really sociable too so I knew it would be good laugh.

Why do you keep coming?

I kept coming down because I instantly found it addictive. The training sessions were a great mixture of skills and fitness, the coaches were so knowledgeable about the sport and super patient for new players.

What would you say to someone unsure whether they should come along?

If I were to speak to someone I would say do not hesitate and get yourself along. There are people from a range of backgrounds and abilities. It’s such a cool sport and the Sharks really are a team on and off the pitch. I only wish I’d joined sooner

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