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Meet Charlie

Age:  19
From:  Bishopbriggs/Glasgow

How did you hear about the Sharks?

I found out through another player talking about it in their work.

Why were you looking for the Sharks ,or what were you looking for when you found out about us?

I wasn’t too sure what to expect when I did first get involved — I ended up finding a community I didn’t know I needed to be a part of.

Why do you keep coming?

Playing footy and getting involved gives me a sense of determination and fulfilment I don’t get from anything else. I’ve met some of my greatest friends through the Sharks.

What would you say to someone unsure whether they should come along?

Most, if not all new members are starting out new. Give yourself a chance to try out the sport — you’ll receive plenty of encouragement and helpful advice from your new teammates! Everyone can bring something to our game, so please stick around and let us

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Meet the team.