Alexander Egan (Eggzy)

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Meet Alexander Egan (Eggzy)

Age:  23
From:  Cumbernauld

How did you hear about the Sharks?

stumbled across Aussie rules on social media and thought that it look really interesting and fun. Began searching to see if there was any teams in Scotland, and the sharks were the first team that popped up for me. Hit them a message and was down to a tra

Why were you looking for the Sharks ,or what were you looking for when you found out about us?

Was just searching AFL, Aussie rules, Australian football teams in Scotland and a few websites popped up one being the sharks if I remember correctly.

Why do you keep coming?

It’s become a sport that I really love and want to become better at

What would you say to someone unsure whether they should come along?

I would say to them to give it a go as it is a lot of fun and a fantastic way to keep fit, learn new things and meet new folk. The people in the team, both male and female are all very welcoming and will help you if needed.

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