Australian Rules Football Club

Initial Registration & PAR-Q Form

This is the clubs Initial Registration and Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire which should be filled out by all participants before their first training session at the club.

This form will be reviewed by a club coach or official to ensure the participant is fit to participate in the training session and have any discussion that may be required for further clarity or understanding as a result of reviewing the form.

Please answer questions correctly and please update the club should your circumstances change. Answering yes to any of these question will not automatically preclude you from participating.

Please delay exercise if you you are feeling unwell from temporary illness (to protect you and other members), if you may be pregnant (speak with your doctor before you become more active) or if you have a condition where exercise may aggravate this and you haven’t consulted your doctor before commencing training.

Your personal information will not be shared with anyone outside the relevant club officials or representatives of AFL Scotland.

Once this form is submitted and signed off by a coach or club official you are entitled to temporary membership of AFL Scotland which lasts no longer than three weeks from the date the form is signed off. In order to continue AFL Scotland membership after that point the club will have you fill out a registration form. For avoidance of doubt AFL Scotland members are covered by the insurance policy and are entitled to participate in AFL Scotland organised competitions and events.