Sharks Superstar Breezes To 75 Games

Already with 3 Best and Fairest Awards and 164 goals at the club James Hancock is blazing a trail to the club history books! 🔥

Now approaching his 75th game at the club we have a chance to stop and get a little more insight into Jimbob.

Having played a fair few games for the club and now being club Captain we asked club President John McIntyre to let us know what affect Jimbob has had on the club since joining the Sharks side.

“I can remember the first few sessions of Jim coming along to training, he was a typical highly competitive Aussie and one you could instantly see would back up that competitive edge with serious talent. One thing the club was missing back then was that competitive grunt and pure desire to win. Jim done a great job of pulling the Mens team together and essentially being infectious with that competitive spirit, in honesty I thought it would die down after a few months – as I said it wasnt something the group really had – but Jim kept getting people up and about and keen to improve. He saw what the squad could do and didnt just want to accept what may have came – he demanded more from the guys and his charisma obviously won thought because we won the clubs first premiership that year. He is still the same continuously trying to drive people to go beyond their best and willing to give the Mens and Womens team/players his time to assist in anyway he can.

Jim’s competitiveness made him a great selection as Scottish Clansmen Head Coach. Being the driving force behind Scotland national team you need someone who is uncompromisingly competitive and this shows why they have been steadily improving over the last few years.

But you asked me to comment on Jims influence over the club – Jim has been an invaluable part of the clubs recent success, bringing that competitive spark and desire in people to improve, helping and assisting with coming up with new drills and ways to coach people. There has been a lot of people over the years that has helped get the club to where we are now but I do not think we would be half a successful without Jim.”

We also caught up with Jimbob to ask him what he loves about the sport, what keeps his attention and brings his enthusiasm to the club.

“Aussie rules is the best game in the world, I’ve never found another sport as exciting. It has speed, physicality and lots of different skill sets to play the varying positions. However, what I love the most is the camaraderie amongst your team mates and how more than most other sports, your only real successes as a player are team success!

As I’ve moved to the Scotland, what I’ve enjoyed the most is developing and growing the game with the local Scottish talent and watching them fall in love with the game I’ve loved playing since I was 6.”

We are building a Sharks Spotify Playlist so we asked Jim three question to add three songs to the list (one for each milestone so far).

25th Game – Go To Warm Up Song – Mr Brightside, The Killers

50th Game – Go to song after a Sharks Win – You’re The Voice, John Farnham

75th Game – Go to song that will give you a lift/boost in the 4th quarter – Holy Grail, Hunters and Collecters

We wish Jimbob all the best in his 75th and we know he will drag the Mens team to a win! 😉

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