Men’s Player “Manages” to get 25 Games in

Men’s Team Manager Andrew O’Donnell locks in game 25 for the club this weekend at the Haggis Cup.

Since joining the club in 2019 Andy O has cemented a spot in the back line with a solid work rate and uncompromising attack on the ball. Andy goes above and beyond for the club lending a hand, giving people lifts to training and bringing his kids along who we are sure will be future stars at the club. Recently Andy has taken the role of Mens Team Manager and has really made the role his own!

Head Coach Adam Jack spoke to us briefly on Andy’s impact on the club since joining.

“Andy is one of those players every club loves to have, always gives more than he takes and never complains. A real star of the club Andy is a solid defender who at times has stints in the middle and can kick a couple goals. He has really taken a lot of the organisational work in the Team Managers role and helped myself and John focus on other things. Andy is one of my favorite players we’ve had at the club and I cant wait to see his next 25 games!”

We caught up with Andy ahead of his 25th game and asked him; since joining what has surprised you the most about the club?

“What surprised me is the way everyone treats one another, it sounds cheesy but it’s like a big weird family. Everyone helps each other out and encourage people to be better and push onto that next level. the way newcomers are welcomed to the club by all is something I have only seen in Aussie Rules, newcomers are shown the fundamentals and then encouraged by all to get involved almost right away, everyone keeps them right and provide pointers throughout.”

The club is building a Spotify playlist – stay tuned for details – so we asked Andy what his go-to warm up song is, the answer – Bodies by Drowning Pool!

A massive well done to Andy for the coming Haggis Cup and hopefully we have a few wins for everyone celebrating a milestone this weekend!

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