The Sharks get behind MS Society

The Glasgow Sharks Australian Rules Football Club are proud to announce we will be partnering with the MS Society to raise awareness and funds for this incredibly hard working charity supporting people affected by multiple sclerosis (MS).

MS is a neurological condition that affects the brain and spinal cord. Once diagnosed, MS stays with you for life, but treatments and specialists can help manage the condition and its symptoms. The MS Society estimate that there are over 130,000 people with MS in the UK, and that each year nearly 7,000 people are newly diagnosed. This means around 1 in every 500 people in the UK lives with MS, and each week over 130 people are diagnosed with MS.

The MS Society help fund world-leading research, share the latest information and campaign for everyone’s rights. The MS Wellbeing Hub in Scotland offer support in managing mental and physical health as well as general wellbeing. From one-to-one physiotherapy and counselling support, as well as support with information and group activity sessions, the Wellbeing Hub provides vital support to people affected by MS.

At The Glasgow Sharks, we will be focusing our fundraising efforts this year in support of The MS Society, a charity that’s close to many of our club member’s hearts. The Club has committed to several fundraising events during 2022, including the Kiltwalk, Tough Mudder and the Great Scottish Run. We’re also looking to organise coffee mornings, barbecues and quiz nights. With an ambitious target in mind the club hopes to provide as much support to the MS Society as possible to contribute to the great work undertaken at the charity.

Some of the Sharks Club members shared what it means to them that the club is helping to support the MS Society:

Alexander Clark said: “I can’t wait to get started to help the club in this. My Aunt had MS and knowing the work the MS Society do and the care they provide is excellent, so being able to help with that in a small way will be very rewarding.”

Carolyn Baker said: “I suffer from MS, so it means a great deal that the club would put its fundraising efforts towards a charity associated with the illness. I made the decision in conjunction with my neurologist to continue playing Aussie Rules and Rugby – even though my eyesight has been impaired and I sometimes lose strength in my legs due to the disease. I have felt nothing but support from my teammates in this endeavor and I hope to continue playing for a few more years!”

Donna Jack said: “MS is something no one should have to experience. I am excited to help the Sharks raise money and awareness for The MS Society Scotland Wellbeing Hub which helps so many people on a daily basis with physical and emotional support.”

Lauren McIntyre said: “A loved one lived with MS and died quite a few years ago now. To find out the Sharks will be putting a lot of effort into raising funds and awareness for the MS Society gives me enormous pride in the club I support.”

Morna Simpkins, Director of MS Society Scotland, said: “We’re delighted that the Glasgow Sharks are partnering with us to raise funds and awareness of MS.   We’ve never been closer to stopping MS and our fundraisers and supporters play a key role in funding research into more and better treatments for everyone affected by the condition. More than 15,000 in Scotland are living with MS and demand for our services and support has increased as people begin to understand and live with the impacts of the pandemic. As a result, the support of our community matters more than ever. We’d like to say a huge thank you to the club for choosing to support us and wish everyone at the Glasgow Sharks a massive good luck with your fundraising.”

The Glasgow Sharks will be doing everything it can to keep people updated on the MS Society and keep raising awareness of the condition and the work the MS Society are doing. Starting with changing its club logo to match the colours of the MS Society for 2022. This small change will hopefully help start the conversation and campaign the club has in mind for the year ahead.

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